American Farmland Trust was founded in 1980 to save America’s farms and ranches.

We created the conservation agriculture movement, which speaks for the land—and for the people who grow our food. As the movement’s leaders, we have three priorities: protecting agricultural land, promoting environmentally sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land.

AFT is the only national agricultural organization that approaches its work in this comprehensive, holistic manner. We recognize the connection between the land, forward-looking farming practices, and the farmers and ranchers who do the work. We also recognize the power of combining on-the-ground projects with objective research and effective advocacy.

Today, because of AFT, millions of acres of farmland that otherwise would have been converted into house lots and shopping malls remain in farming, and tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers have adopted better farming practices.


Farm Journal Foundation is proud to join together with the following partners to share the story of agriculture and conservation:

Sheep in Field

The Sustainable Grazing Project

Launched in 2019, American Farmland Trust’s Sustainable Grazing Project is focused on promoting the adoption of regenerative farming practices that enhance soil health, sequester carbon, and increase productivity on farms and operations. The project is based in the Rappahannock Region in Virginia.

Black Soil

Quantifying Economic and Environmental Benefits of Soil Health

Many farmers believe the scientific evidence that soil health practices improve soil and water quality, but they are reluctant to change management techniques without knowing how much the soil health practices will cost or benefit them. AFT has produced eight case studies that will be useful to farmers and landowners who are curious about soil health practices.

Tropical Storm

Farmers Combat Climate Change

Conserving farmland “by the acre” and soil “by the inch,” as AFT has long advocated, is a powerful strategy for reducing greenhouse gases and improving productivity. With pioneering research, innovative tools, and aggressive advocacy, AFT is helping farmers, ranchers, and landowners play a unique role in reducing the growing threat of climate change while increasing food production, improving soil health, and protecting farmland for future generations.