​Sanderson Farms is committed to doing our part to promote a healthier planet. 

We fully understand our obligation to protect our environment by conserving natural resources, recycling resources utilized in our operation, and creating renewable resources when possible. In short, environmental sustainability is at the heart and soul of our farming process. To learn more about what we are doing to honor this commitment, visit    


Farm journal foundation is proud to join together with the following partners to share the story of agriculture and conservation:


Reducing Our Water Usage

Because water is a substantial part of the poultry process, Sanderson Farms has committed to reducing our water usage in FY20 by three percent. To achieve this goal, Sanderson Farms has implemented conservation practices throughout the plant, reuse programs in key areas within the process, and recycling techniques on specific equipment within the process.

Treatability Studies

Reducing Natural Gas Purchases

Sanderson Farms has committed to reducing our corporate-wide natural gas purchases by two percent in FY20 by investing and installing a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system at our St. Pauls processing facility. This system refines the biogas from the anaerobic lagoon at our wastewater treatment facility into pipeline quality natural gas that can be used in place of purchased natural gas.

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Doing Our Part to Replenish the Groundwater Tables

Use of land treatment systems in Moultrie, Kinston, St. Pauls, and Tyler – When possible, in lieu of a direct discharge permit, Sanderson Farms uses land treatment systems because they allow for replenishment of the groundwater table while growing a feedstock for farm animals.