Any way you slice them, dice them, mash them or fry them, Americans love potatoes! Potatoes are the number one consumed vegetable in the United States.

Potatoes are a nutritious, affordable source of nutrition. A standard baking potato costs, on average, 25 cents and is packed with nutritional return on investment. One spud has only 110 calories, contains zero fat and zero cholesterol, 45% daily value of vitamin C and is packed with potassium, fiber and vitamin B6.

Potatoes are the fourth most important food crop in the world and the leading vegetable crop in the United States. Idaho and Washington are the leading potato growing states.

About 63% of potatoes are used to create food products such as french fries, chips, and boxed mashed potatoes. The remainder goes to the fresh market for consumption by people or to be used as seed for growing the next season’s crops.